Fuel Up to Play 60 Paint Day

Thanks to the rain for staying away this past weekend!!  All of the stencils on the blacktop are complete.  We are just waiting on some black paint so we can finish up the numbers in the math area! We hope that you enjoy all of the beautiful paintings around the school!! I think it looks pretty awesome!

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to paint! Y'all were amazing, and are greatly appreciated!

Heather Fleming
The Reed Family 
Laura Saldivar
Brian Cervenka
Madison Holmes and Family
David and Philip Carinhas
Monique and Colette Wright
Lisa Stone and Alexandra Stone
The Lane Family
Oleta Lane and Genevieve Bentz
Brad Burton and Kimberly Williams
Vivian Spear and Hank Spear
Hilda and Tasi Jones

I would also like to thank the group of 5th graders that joined me in painting the US Map on Friday! Thanks, Ms. Coppola :)
Raquel, Ja'keem, Rylee, Joylynn, Lucy, Nico, Kylie, Madelyn, Kimberly, Kallie, Vivian, Daria, Cara, Seanna, Natalie, and Haylie!

We have many more Fuel Up to Play 60 events coming up this school year! I will keep you posted!  We are also organizing a 5th grade student wellness team.  5th graders need to submit their essays by 2 pm on Wednesday, October 17th.  Our CATCH team will choose the top 10 essays, and announce the members of our wellness team by Halloween! 

Mrs. Comsudi